An Adventure in Innovative Education


Skipstone is a school for students who learn best by doing. It is a school where students spend the majority of their time doing and trying rather than sitting and listening. Lessons are creatively designed to be hands-on and project based. Teamwork, Initiative, Innovation, and Integrity are all important aspects of the Skipstone Philosophy and Purpose.

Skipstone's Core Beliefs

1. We believe every child is capable of success, regardless of academic ability. 

2. We believe every child would rather succeed than fail. 

3. We believe success looks different for every child. 

4. We believe Skipstone’s  job is to work alongside parents to spur every child onto individual success through a well-rounded program that involves academic achievement, social development and spiritual growth.

Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Skipstone is proud to offer dual enrollment partnerships on our campus through the Accel Program. Students who qualify can take classes through Truett-McConnel University, The University of West Georgia, and eCore through the University System of Georgia. Skipstone also has a partnership with Southern Crescent Technical College for students who seek training in a technical field of study.

Lane's Bridge 

Skipstone's Lane's Bridge Program has been designed to aid students who require extra attention in their journey towards academic success. The implementation of

individualized education plans, modifications, and one-on-one direction from their teachers are just some of the ways we seek to help these students progress and thrive in the classroom.

Synergy Studies

In addition to academic classes, Synergy is a school-wide unit study that focuses on subject matter that is interesting and thought-provoking to the entire student body. Each synergy study includes 20-24 hours of instruction & hands-on learning, a challenging project, and an applicable field trip to reinforce the subject matter.