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What is FLEXD-U? 

Flexible Learning Experience Designed For You

FLEXD-U is a hybrid learning experience with high quality online academic instruction using standards-based curriculum in a flexible program designed specifically for local high performing students who need more flexibility than the in-person school experience allows.


FLEXD-U is a great program for high performing students who are:

-student/athletes participating in competitive travel sports leagues

-employed students

-traveling students

-students who do not feel comfortable in an on-campus setting


FLEXD-U is not a good fit for a student who is unwilling to be pro-active about their schoolwork or one who needs one-on-one instruction or constant supervision in order to complete their assignments. 


For the 2023-2024 school year, FLEXD-U will be available for high performing high school students in 9th-12th grades and will be limited to 50 students. FLEXD-U and Skipstone Academy Staff will interview interested students/parents and review current school records (grades, testing, discipline) before acceptance into the FLEXD-U Program to ensure that we are able to provide the very best education for each student. 


FLEXD-U students will enjoy online classes led by qualified and engaging teachers as well as personal interaction and instruction by Skipstone Staff.  


FLEXD-U utilizes Power Homeschool, which allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. When a student struggles, the system provides additional instruction and practice as needed. When a student excels, the system quickly moves them forward as they demonstrate mastery of each concept. The content includes:

•            Video-based lessons

•            Interactive practice problems

•            Help videos for difficult concepts

•            Reviews & exams

•            Memorization drills

•            Digital books


In addition to Power Homeschool, members of the innovative team at Skipstone Academy will be adding their own supplemental enhancements and will provide academic oversight and accountability through Google Classroom. This allows FLEXD-U students to receive a fully accredited education through Skipstone Academy, including traditional graduation, honors programs, scholarship opportunities, etc. 


Student life will consist of weekly scheduled class Google Meet meetings with Skipstone Staff to make sure students are progressing and help them with any concerns, as well as oversight of their online assignments. In-person “tutoring days” will be scheduled each week so FLEXD-U students can spend time at the Griffin Campus and meet with a Skipstone staff member if they need extra help or additional instruction. FLEXD-U students will also be welcome to join Skipstone Athletic teams and participate in Skipstone social activities like dances, field trips, etc. 


We are now accepting interest applications for the 2023-2024 school year. To ensure the quality of our program, we will limit enrollment to 50 high school students for our first year.




1. Can a FLEXD-U student complete their schoolwork on their own schedule or will they need to be logged in at specific times?


FLEXD-U students can log in at any time and any place to complete their schoolwork at their own pace. The academic classes are set up with a recommended pace to encourage students to stay on track for completion. Students can work ahead or even “catch up” with no penalty. 


2. My student struggles in certain areas. How will this affect his/her educational performance with FLEXD-U?


FLEXD-U recognizes that students need to learn in their own specific learning style. The Power Homeschool program is a great tool to do just that with visual, auditory and read/write daily lessons as well as kinesthetic (“hands-on”) lessons periodically through “special lessons”. FLEXD-U will also be providing “hands-on” learning through scheduled field trips throughout the year. 


For those needing remediation, Power Homeschool has designated “remedial” classes that can be assigned to struggling students who work at a slower pace with additional helps and more intense on-line tutelage. The Skipstone Academy staff will evaluate student records (previous grades, testing) to work with parents to determine the best individualized educational route for each student. 

FLEXD-U would not be a good fit for a student who is unwilling to be pro-active about their schoolwork or one who needs one-on-one instruction or constant supervision in order to complete their assignments. 


3. Does FLEXD-U provide honors classes in High School? 


Through the accreditation of Skipstone Academy, FLEXD-U will have the ability to provide additional assignments to the Power Homeschool curriculum in order to receive the “honors” designation as part of the high school curriculum. Eleventh and twelfth graders (who are eligible) may also dual enroll in on-line college classes through Skipstone’s Accel Program (The Accel program will require additional on-campus class time either on the Skipstone Campus or at local colleges.)


4. Will FLEXD-U students be required to take state standardized tests?


Standardized tests are a requirement for accreditation. During the Spring of each year, FLEXD-U students in 9th-12th graders will take the Accuplacer. At Skipstone Academy, standardized testing is a litmus test on how we are performing as a whole and it is also an indicator of areas we need to improve both on a collective and individual basis. The data we receive and study from these national tests gives us invaluable feedback on where we should focus in the future and changes that need to be made. (For example, if we see an across the board deficit in vocabulary usage in specific grades, we are able to adjust that area for better coverage in the next school year.) 


5. Why should I enroll my student in FLEXD-U instead of just homeschooling on my own?


Any type of “homeschooling” is a big decision, and each family needs to make the right decision for their circumstances and lifestyle. The biggest challenge for most homeschool parents is motivating and teaching their own child with full content and consistency. 


Because FLEXD-U is fully accredited and staffed through Skipstone Academy…

  •  You do not have to fill out daily/monthly state/local homeschool reports on your student. 

  • The curriculum has been fully certified to make sure it fulfills all national standards for education for each grade. Power Homeschool has selected expert teachers in their fields to deliver the curriculum in a fun, exciting and “learner-friendly” way. This is especially important during middle and high school as subjects require advanced teaching and knowledge that frankly, many of us do not have (Chemistry, Calculus, etc). The lessons are designed in small segments of class video with short “check-ups” to reinforce comprehension of the subject matter as well as concept assessments for mastery. Every student is capable of navigating and completing lessons on their own while mastering content successfully. 

  • High School students will receive a certified accredited Diploma of Graduation from Skipstone Academy (a fully accredited with quality institution) and would not be relegated to take the GED to graduate as traditional homeschoolers. They will also have an actual graduation ceremony with all of the “pomp and circumstance”. 

  • Skipstone Academy Staff can curtail student schedules to their areas of interest, especially in middle and high school. For example, if a student has an interest in pursuing a higher education/job in the medical field, Skipstone staff can develop an accredited schedule of classes that will satisfy educational requirements while allowing the student to take academic classes and electives that will accentuate their learning from a medical standpoint. 

  • Skipstone staff are fully prepared and available to give support and instruction as needed. Weekly scheduled class meetings through Google Meets will encourage students socially through virtual meetings with other students and will also give our staff feedback on how students are tracking in their schoolwork so we can address any issues that arise. Students and parents will also have the ability to message staff through Google Classroom for information and additional help. In essence, students will have a “real person” by their side as they navigate through their schoolwork, not just an anonymous “help-line”. 

  • Skipstone Academy keeps track of all assignments, course mapping, grades and tests. Students will receive quarterly progress reports and report cards each semester. Parents can log in at any time and monitor student progress. Most student assignments provide immediate grade feedback and students can watch their grades in real-time. Students also have the ability to “re-learn” lessons and “re-take” assignments to improve their grade if they desire.

  • FLEXD-U students will have the benefit of regularly scheduled field trips to educational venues throughout the year as well as the opportunity to be involved in sports and social activities at Skipstone Academy. 

6. Will my student be able to utilize the GSNS (Georgia Special Needs Scholarship) for tuition in the FLEXD-U program?

Students who utilize the GSNS for tuition are unable to receive funds for tuition for the FLEXD-U program.

From the FAQ Section of the GA Department of Education Website:

 "The private school my child attends is authorized to participate in the GSNS Program. The school offers an all on-line option for students. Can I have my child use this option and still receive funds through the GSNS Program?

Your child could not participate in this all on-line option. He/she would need to attend classes at the private schools because the law governing the GSNS Program requires a private school to have a physical location in Georgia where the scholarship students physically attend classes and have direct contact with the school ́s teachers."


7. How much does FLEXD-U cost and what additional expenses should I expect throughout the year?

Yearly Expenses

  • Matriculation Fee           $500 (due when student is accepted into FLEXD-U)

  • Tuition                              $6000*

  • Field trip costs                 Will vary and are optional

  • Good working laptop     Will vary (Mac or PC, not tablet)

  • Graduation Fee               $100 for 12th graders


*Tuition must be paid in full by July 1st or paid monthly on a 12 month contract through FACTS Management (tuition collection agency). We do not take in-house monthly payments. 


8. I have some questions, how can I get more information about FLEXD-U?


  • Fill out the Admission Inquiry form below. 

  • A Skipstone Academy staff member will contact you to discuss registration and answer any questions that you might have











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